Our Mission

To inspire, engage and connect people.

We're the indie filmmakers of the digital age.

Brand Story

We are all motivated by the people, places, and things with which we connect emotionally. Shared experience through storytelling inspires that emotion. We create authentic, shareable content to communicate your message.

Short Form

“Story-first” is more than a buzz word. It’s our philosophy. As experienced film and television professionals, we don’t just know story. We understand it. Our short-form content finds your story and connects it to your audience.


We produce original series that provide an outlet for brands to expand their voice in digital. We work across genres to tell the stories we want to tell with partners who value original, creative voices.

Our Approach

To understand who you are and what you stand for.

We specialize in the art and craft of storytelling.

Premium Storytelling

Lucia makes authentic, high-quality visual storytelling accessible to everyone. With an award-winning film and television writer as our Head of Creative, we believe in the power of a full pen and a clean lens.


These are the nuts and bolts of content creation: pre-, physical, and post production. With over fifteen years of experience in film and television, we know when to go lean and when to go big to maintain the integrity of every shoot we produce.

Content Solutions

We take an idea from inception to full realization, including creative development, production, and distribution all under one roof. Our content strategy emphasizes direct communication, seamless workflow, and smooth delivery.


Our end-to-end content solutions cut out the middle man to save on budgets and enable clients to invest in additional content assets, or spend elsewhere.


We operate on a per project basis with a deep talent roster that executes quickly and professionally. Our custom approach allows us to stay nimble and adapt to unforeseen circumstances while delivering at a premium level.


We are forward-thinking. We want to solve for today, tomorrow, and ten years from now by bucking trends and future-proofing. To innovate, we focus on simple solutions to complex problems that boost our clients' and partners' competitiveness.